Born Every Minute (2022)

Born Every Minute by Daniel Prior. Front.

Born Every Minute is a reality as for today Sunday March the 27th.

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Spanish Original “Nacido cada minuto”.

Born Every Minute is a compilation of tale, poetry or microessay which, through a powerful undertale, treats genuinly philosophical themes such as Human nature and soul or God.



Original PDF File of the Spanish edition…

Translations coming on… I am determined to dedicate up to 40 hours a week to this translation. So… “Good understander needs few words”.

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Nacido cada minuto Oficial:


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Nacido cada minuto: PDF Break-Down

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Born Every Minute: English PDF Files

Born Every MInute by Daniel Prior – Front.

Author’s note: I am well-aware this site has typos (…) I wanted to be clear that all of the works bellow have been throughoutly proof-read and fixed.

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